PHILLIP ROBERTSON. Selected Stories.

Conflict reporting is one of the most expensive and risky journalistic disciplines. Many major news organizations have shut their foreign bureaus to protect their weakened budgets, which means that Americans will have far less independent information when it comes time to vote. We believe that without steady and consistent reporting from other countries, we will lose that part of our connection with the outside world and become more vulnerable to a rising tide of propaganda, corporate and otherwise. I believe the embattled independent press remains the only real counterweight to such well-financed interests.

In a period of upheaval for the news business, the reporting funding gap is often filled by charitable institutions and individuals interested in supporting journalists who are willing to travel for their stories. Without these supporters, many of the stories you find here would not have been reported, written, or published.

In the past, I have been fortunate to receive support from the following organizations:

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LEAD IMAGE: November 4, 2001. Men crossing the Amu Darya river into Afghanistan as the war started.
Photo: Phillip Robertson